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Boots & Lush Haul | JustMeLerato

You know how when every year begins,  the gyms are packed and you struggle for parking, the healthy fresh food in grocery stores is always running out especially if you go to the stores in the evenings because well everyone is trying to “Live a healthy lifestyle”. So this year I thought let me rather start the year with fresh beauty products to pamper myself throughout and just treat my skin with enriched cosmetics. I want everyday to be a spa day in my bathroom. I know that pampering yourself on a daily basis can be time consuming so if you don’t have time during the week because of commitments then do your pampering over the weekend. I find that it is so relaxing because when you go back to work or come Monday you feel refreshed, good and recharged to start the week again.

Tip: The best time to hoard on beauty products is after Xmas, the prices for litterally everything drops drastically then come new year the stores lower the prices further for everything. Best time to shop and get good deals to be honest.

From Lush I got only 3 things: Foot soap for scrubbing away hard skin on your feet. 2nd thing I got was a bath bomb that has extracts of Mango and Lemon and that is the best most exotic bath bomb Ive ever bought the scent is amazing. 3rd one was a coffee  mask which unfortunately the store had run out of their small containers,  so the sale assistant was kind  enough to give me a tester to try. You keep the mask on for 10-15min and it leaves your face or body radiant and glowing. Its smells as strong as a cup of of coffee and I’m totally addicted to the scent. So if you into coffee I would highly recommend that mask. Im looking forward to more purchases from Lush.

From Boots: Nivea Q10 firming lotion, which I have been using since it came on the market years ago. Best lotion for me that one I cannot get a replacement for thats how happy I am with it. 2nd thing was the boots range body cream and foam bath called Royal Jelly with extracts of honey really linking the products so far. 3rd is coconut oil which  is something I have been looking forward to getting for months. Lastly was a Soap n Glory Xmas gift package I bought on boxing day for half price and i was so exited about the price. I love bargains.

Let me know what your favourite products were and which ones would you like to see me buy and demo for you? Also which ones can you recommend to me?

Thank you so much for stopping by. xx




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