Happy New Year!!! New Year Resolutions?

Hope you all had wonderful festivities, I am totally looking forward to this year. To be quite honest I actually don’t remember the last time I was this excited about New Year. I can feel it in my bones it’s going to be a year to mark in the history books.

Although I know that a lot of people might beg to differ, maybe your start to this new year was a rough one. Just always bear in mind that a storm doesn’t last for ever the sun always comes out. So remain positive whatever your circumstance and just keep your head up high.

I dont usually do New Year’s Resolutions, I kind of push myself to be better and do better each day. So I put daily deadlines for myself because I realised over the years that I wasn’t a long term planner kind of a person, I find if I have say things like I’m doing a 90 day challenge? My brain automatically fails to fulfil and fight during those 90 days whatever the task might be? So I have learned that if I task myself daily I accomplish better. So maybe if you like me and you do better with short term goals rather then longer term ones, then give that more consideration this year when you set your goals.

Anyway I wanted to just share that with you. Please leave me your comments let me know what other ways work for you in order to achieve your goals.I hope this little insert will motivate and lift you.

Thanks for stopping by. xximg_0262


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