Rocking High-Street Like It’s Luxury

I look at a lot of fashion magazines and online styling content,  and I always get intrigued by the way the models are styled. They are at times styled in a way that makes you look at the clothes and actually ask yourself,  “is it possible for me to wear like this daily?” This whole look especially with the socks was inspired by those print and runway models who make luxury clothing look so good.


But the main focus and point of this outfit for me has to be the blazer , if you haven’t seen my previous video on my YouTube channel then I highly recommend that you do, its a full review of the blazer.  I’ve been looking for a staple blazer for over four months and nothing quite ticked the box like this military blazer from New Look,  it immediately reminded me of the Balmain classic statement blazer. Which costs a whopping £1450.00 so until I can cough up that much amount of money on a single item of clothing then I’m quite happy with my high-street dupe.


The Blazer is from New Look for £34.00, basic white t-shirt and pencil skirt are from Matalan and the bag and choker are from Primark.


The glittery socks are from Primark and the strap heels are from New Look. (items without prices are old)

So what do you think of the look? Is it a yes or no? Please let me know what your thoughts are? Would really love to hear from you?

And lastly incase you haven’t seen my previous video:

Best High-Street BALMAIN Blazer Dupe | New Look Review | JustMeLerato



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