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This is a new feature on my blog; these are all the things that I dream about, wishing that when I wake up they would be in my wardrobe. Also all the items chosen are from my favorite brands so I’m really happy to share my wish list with you.

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Rocking High-Street Like It’s Luxury

I look at a lot of fashion magazines and online styling content,  and I always get intrigued by the way the models are styled. They are at times styled in a way that makes you look at the clothes and actually ask yourself,  “is it possible for me to wear like this daily?” This whole look especially with the socks was inspired by those print and runway models who make luxury clothing look so good.


But the main focus and point of this outfit for me has to be the blazer , if you haven’t seen my previous video on my YouTube channel then I highly recommend that you do, its a full review of the blazer.  I’ve been looking for a staple blazer for over four months and nothing quite ticked the box like this military blazer from New Look,  it immediately reminded me of the Balmain classic statement blazer. Which costs a whopping £1450.00 so until I can cough up that much amount of money on a single item of clothing then I’m quite happy with my high-street dupe.


The Blazer is from New Look for £34.00, basic white t-shirt and pencil skirt are from Matalan and the bag and choker are from Primark.


The glittery socks are from Primark and the strap heels are from New Look. (items without prices are old)

So what do you think of the look? Is it a yes or no? Please let me know what your thoughts are? Would really love to hear from you?

And lastly incase you haven’t seen my previous video:

Best High-Street BALMAIN Blazer Dupe | New Look Review | JustMeLerato


Tips: How to SLAY On a Budget

My tips for looking your best while on a budget are pretty simple yet need patience and  discipline. They have helped me to have extra money in my pocket. Because here’s the thing if you have loans to pay off, your credit card, your phone, medical expenses, car on finance plus the insurance, oh did I mention your house bills? Electricity, gas, council tax, water, mortgage/rent, etc. I’m actually feeling drained already from the thought of all these expenses. But you get the idea right? So imagine having a fraction of that money back into  your pocket by following these simple tips? Plus this will give you the opportunity to save more money as well.

  • Pay OFF all your debts ( This is non-negotiable if you want to have extra money,  to spend each month. Debts such as contract phone, loans, clothing accounts, even that credit card need to go!)


  • Always buy things cash (Save for the things you want like that Louis Vuitton  Bag or  that iPhone 7,  even if it takes you a year fact is you will have it eventually.)


  • Stop buying take-aways (Before you know it you have actually spent double your monthly grocery money on take-aways also you will have gained a few inches on your waste line which is not needed right?)


  • Target Sales ( This applies to everything that you can possibly get on discount e.g. food, clothes and gadgets wait for events like Black Friday or seasonal sales.)


  • Live within your means ( Don’t try keep up with the Kardashians when you know you are struggling to make ends meet. Go for things that are within your reach, that way you will feel much more happier as well)

I know you might feel like this is too much admin but trust me once you have started things will become second nature and before you know it you will be a master at this!

Please let me know what your thoughts are? Do you have any tips and tricks that you can share with me?

Thank you for stopping by xx…


January’s Favourite Outfits

The Video: Fashion

January’s Favourite Looks | Winter LookBook | JustMeLerato

This video shows all my favourite outfits that I have enjoyed wearing this month, its been a terribly cold month and finally its almost over. In the video are some of the looks I have featured on the blog and some looks you might have seen on my social media as well.

I have had loads of fun playing dress up this month and really appreciate each and everyone who has complimented me on my style, it really makes me sharing with you so much easier . Please leave me your comments and let me know which outfit is your favourite out of the four?

Thank you so much for stopping by xx


There is something about leather trousers that makes me feel nostalgic, especially a high waist pair,  its so rare and not to mention very stylish. This pair was gifted to me by my mum-inlaw she bought them from Zara a couple of years ago. So unfortunate that you can’t really find this style on the high street any longer. I paired them with a frilled jumper from Primark £5 (on sale), I told you I was obsessed with sales. IMG_0340 3.jpg

Frills are fast becoming a big trend this season, every high street store has them in stock, I can’t wait to get more frilled items in my wardrobe.

IMG_0342 2.jpg

The best way to style leather for me is to wear leather shoes, so I paired the outfit with my River Island ankle boots, then folded the hem of the trouser inward to give them a three quarter feel. The idea of dress up for me is playing around with clothes,  if it means adjusting lengths to suit the style then so be it. IMG_0347 2.jpg

Then completed the look with my gorgeous primark handbag, and cotton blazer which I got from Primark ages ago. So what do you think of this look? I hope it inspires you and brings back nostalgic fashion memories for you, please feel free to let me know what your thoughts are?

Thank you for stopping by xx

Styling The Pleated Skirt

I’m obsessed with pleated shirts and I thought let me put up a post on how I simply styled it without too much effort, because trust me it can be tricky especially in winter when you don’t quite know what to wear the skirt with.

Now remember I said earlier in the blog that I want to promote looking good for less. This is the perfect outfit only because everything that I am wearing I got on a sale. Yes I know you thinking WHAT??? True story! The velvet top is actually a body suit which I got from Primark on sale for £3 it was originally £12 so that was a massive save. The skirt I got from New Look £12 which I was hoping the price would go down more to be honest, original price was £20. The boots are from Top Shop which the original price was £85 and I got them for £40. Honestly sales are BOSS! I live for a good bargain and don’t mind waiting till the price drops. At times yes I do buy items on full price if I desperately need them and can’t wait for a month or more (most stores do 20-25% off on selected items monthly) to get it.


Lastly the coat is from New Look which was £25 I can’t remember how much the original price was but it must have been around  £40-£45 because January sales are mostly 50% mark down. With the coat I decided to go 2 sizes bigger because I don’t want to feel like I’m suffocating when I’m wearing chunky jerseys, all my other coats don’t really give me space to breath when I’m wearing chunky jerseys. IMG_1443 2.jpg

There was no way I would leave out that hand bag from Primark I feel like thats the biggest bargain (check my previous post about the bag, you will see what I mean)

So what do you think about this look? Is it a YES or a NO for you?

Thank you so much for stopping bye…

The Bag That Caught My Eye.

The Video: Fashion

Best High-Street Gucci Dionysus / Chanel Flap Bag Dupe | Primark Review | JustMeLerato

This video doesn’t actually do justice to how excited I was about this bag from Primark. I felt like a child at ‘Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory’. How many of you remember that book: Charlie And the Chocolate Factory or the film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory? Well if you have read the book or seen the film then you will understand  what I mean when I say I was EXCITED. I think actually, I was also a bit shocked that Primark did such a brilliant replica of the the luxury brands.

I’m not sure what material was used by Primark but the bag is stunning made me feel like there is hope out there for those of us who have to save for ages to get the luxury handbags. So in the mean time while I add my luxury items to a wish list, this bag is ideal for me. Oh and did I mention that I got it for a lousy £9? Yes now you understand why I am in awe.

Please leave me your comments? What do you think of this beauty?

Thank you so much for stopping by xx

IMG_1437 2.jpg

Happy New Year!!! New Year Resolutions?

Hope you all had wonderful festivities, I am totally looking forward to this year. To be quite honest I actually don’t remember the last time I was this excited about New Year. I can feel it in my bones it’s going to be a year to mark in the history books.

Although I know that a lot of people might beg to differ, maybe your start to this new year was a rough one. Just always bear in mind that a storm doesn’t last for ever the sun always comes out. So remain positive whatever your circumstance and just keep your head up high.

I dont usually do New Year’s Resolutions, I kind of push myself to be better and do better each day. So I put daily deadlines for myself because I realised over the years that I wasn’t a long term planner kind of a person, I find if I have say things like I’m doing a 90 day challenge? My brain automatically fails to fulfil and fight during those 90 days whatever the task might be? So I have learned that if I task myself daily I accomplish better. So maybe if you like me and you do better with short term goals rather then longer term ones, then give that more consideration this year when you set your goals.

Anyway I wanted to just share that with you. Please leave me your comments let me know what other ways work for you in order to achieve your goals.I hope this little insert will motivate and lift you.

Thanks for stopping by. xximg_0262

Beauty/ Cosmetic Haul

The Video : Beauty Haul

Boots & Lush Haul | JustMeLerato

You know how when every year begins,  the gyms are packed and you struggle for parking, the healthy fresh food in grocery stores is always running out especially if you go to the stores in the evenings because well everyone is trying to “Live a healthy lifestyle”. So this year I thought let me rather start the year with fresh beauty products to pamper myself throughout and just treat my skin with enriched cosmetics. I want everyday to be a spa day in my bathroom. I know that pampering yourself on a daily basis can be time consuming so if you don’t have time during the week because of commitments then do your pampering over the weekend. I find that it is so relaxing because when you go back to work or come Monday you feel refreshed, good and recharged to start the week again.

Tip: The best time to hoard on beauty products is after Xmas, the prices for litterally everything drops drastically then come new year the stores lower the prices further for everything. Best time to shop and get good deals to be honest.

From Lush I got only 3 things: Foot soap for scrubbing away hard skin on your feet. 2nd thing I got was a bath bomb that has extracts of Mango and Lemon and that is the best most exotic bath bomb Ive ever bought the scent is amazing. 3rd one was a coffee  mask which unfortunately the store had run out of their small containers,  so the sale assistant was kind  enough to give me a tester to try. You keep the mask on for 10-15min and it leaves your face or body radiant and glowing. Its smells as strong as a cup of of coffee and I’m totally addicted to the scent. So if you into coffee I would highly recommend that mask. Im looking forward to more purchases from Lush.

From Boots: Nivea Q10 firming lotion, which I have been using since it came on the market years ago. Best lotion for me that one I cannot get a replacement for thats how happy I am with it. 2nd thing was the boots range body cream and foam bath called Royal Jelly with extracts of honey really linking the products so far. 3rd is coconut oil which  is something I have been looking forward to getting for months. Lastly was a Soap n Glory Xmas gift package I bought on boxing day for half price and i was so exited about the price. I love bargains.

Let me know what your favourite products were and which ones would you like to see me buy and demo for you? Also which ones can you recommend to me?

Thank you so much for stopping by. xx