Styling The Pleated Skirt

I’m obsessed with pleated shirts and I thought let me put up a post on how I simply styled it without too much effort, because trust me it can be tricky especially in winter when you don’t quite know what to wear the skirt with.

Now remember I said earlier in the blog that I want to promote looking good for less. This is the perfect outfit only because everything that I am wearing I got on a sale. Yes I know you thinking WHAT??? True story! The velvet top is actually a body suit which I got from Primark on sale for £3 it was originally £12 so that was a massive save. The skirt I got from New Look £12 which I was hoping the price would go down more to be honest, original price was £20. The boots are from Top Shop which the original price was £85 and I got them for £40. Honestly sales are BOSS! I live for a good bargain and don’t mind waiting till the price drops. At times yes I do buy items on full price if I desperately need them and can’t wait for a month or more (most stores do 20-25% off on selected items monthly) to get it.


Lastly the coat is from New Look which was £25 I can’t remember how much the original price was but it must have been around  £40-£45 because January sales are mostly 50% mark down. With the coat I decided to go 2 sizes bigger because I don’t want to feel like I’m suffocating when I’m wearing chunky jerseys, all my other coats don’t really give me space to breath when I’m wearing chunky jerseys. IMG_1443 2.jpg

There was no way I would leave out that hand bag from Primark I feel like thats the biggest bargain (check my previous post about the bag, you will see what I mean)

So what do you think about this look? Is it a YES or a NO for you?

Thank you so much for stopping bye…