There is something about leather trousers that makes me feel nostalgic, especially a high waist pair,  its so rare and not to mention very stylish. This pair was gifted to me by my mum-inlaw she bought them from Zara a couple of years ago. So unfortunate that you can’t really find this style on the high street any longer. I paired them with a frilled jumper from Primark £5 (on sale), I told you I was obsessed with sales. IMG_0340 3.jpg

Frills are fast becoming a big trend this season, every high street store has them in stock, I can’t wait to get more frilled items in my wardrobe.

IMG_0342 2.jpg

The best way to style leather for me is to wear leather shoes, so I paired the outfit with my River Island ankle boots, then folded the hem of the trouser inward to give them a three quarter feel. The idea of dress up for me is playing around with clothes,  if it means adjusting lengths to suit the style then so be it. IMG_0347 2.jpg

Then completed the look with my gorgeous primark handbag, and cotton blazer which I got from Primark ages ago. So what do you think of this look? I hope it inspires you and brings back nostalgic fashion memories for you, please feel free to let me know what your thoughts are?

Thank you for stopping by xx